“One of the most in demand bass players in Cyprus.” – Charis Ioannou, Jazz Saxophonist

Greg just recorded an album (Bridge Of Locks) with the Charis Ioannou & Ioannis Vafeas quartet, performing compositions by Chris Byars.

Greg Makamian recently performed with the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra & the Charis Ioannou group, presenting the music of Charlie Parker РBird with Strings.

Greg has had the opportunity to perform next to the legendary Freddie Redd at Smalls in NYC. He has also played with great musicians such as: Chris Byars, Pasquale Grasso, Zaid Nasser, Pete & Will Anderson, Keith Balla, Phil Stewart, Ofer Landsberg, Stefano Doglioni, Charis Ioannou, John Mosca, and many others.