“One of the most in demand bass players in Cyprus.” – Charis Ioannou, Jazz Saxophonist

“On bass, a young upstart named Greg Makamian, who is determined to push his way to the front of the pack of millennial jazz players, puts forth what is now known to be his consistent, inspiring, high level of musicianship. As I know Greg personally, I can attest that he is maniacally fastidious in his attention to detail. While this may pose some difficulty for those sharing his living quarters, it is an appreciated sideman’s quality. Every note that he plays, whether urging the band forward rhythmically in his quarter-note walking, or adventurous soloing, is chosen with deliberate intent. As my musical role model Lucky Thompson once said: “All I listen for is – did you MEAN what you played?” You can be assured that Greg puts his stamp on every note.” – Chris Byars, Jazz Saxophonist/Composer 

Greg has had the opportunity to perform next to the legendary Freddie Redd. He has also performed with great musicians such as: Chris Byars, Vahagn Hayrapetyan, Pasquale Grasso, Zaid Nasser, Pete & Will Anderson, Keith Balla, Phil Stewart, Ofer Landsberg, Stefano Doglioni, Charis Ioannou, John Mosca, and others.